Squakheag Akita Club takes part in several Public Education - and FUN events each year.

2015 was a great year for our members - Please follow the link and see what we have been up to and what's coming!

The Akita Breed


Meet the Breeds NYC 2017 


The 2017 AKC Meet and Compete, Meet the Breeds event was a little extra special this year for those who manned the booth with the Second Place win for the Working Group for Best Booth!  

ACA members Frank and Linda Ingemi with the effervescent Monstress brought together another great group to see us to the finish! As always a crowd pleaser with her wiggle dance - oh Monstress - how many laps did you sit in at the event??? Member Jerid Ahrens was such a great help what would we ever do without him!

Veteran Team MTB member Britt LaCroix, her right hand man, Jason Ferrar and their boy wonderful Orien brought down the house. Orien is always a show stopper with the big beautiful head and the ever wagging tail! ACA memberJerid Ahrens was such a great help what would would ever do without him!

Members Matt and Joann Dimon of Big East Akita Rescue share not only their vast knowledge of Akitas but their sweet heart Japanese Akita Amaya. Amaya never ran out of kisses to share!

Thank you to Nancy Fisk for stopping by to share her vast knowledge and Akita Experience and to Author Yumi (Honoso) MacDonald, author of REMINISCENCE OF SHIBUYA 1929-1938. A wonderful book that has many anecdotes about Hachik0 - truly a must read! 

Thanks to all our great akitas who represented our breed with pride and a sense of humor; to their outstanding, knowledgeable handlers and to our booth organizer Diane Lynch. 


A.C.A. takes bite out of the Big Apple

Our Mission

Our First Whisker Walk Event 2010

ACA Specialty comes to Sturbridge Massachusetts! 2018 will bring the ACA National Specialty right into our back yard!

Squakheag Akita Club will be hosting our Regional Specialty in conjunction with Nationals - stay tuned for more information!  

This site is under construction. Please check back again in September for new activities and meeting information in 2019.